Monday, 12 August 2013

Exams make me crave for more clothes!

Every time I look into my closet, I see all those clothes I've worn so many times. People still tell me that a particular dress looks so good on me, but still... I'm craving for more clothes. Sales are my weak point at such moments: they feel like a once in a lifetime chance to buy them at reduced prices so I just HAVE to buy them! And that combined with exams is a dangerous combination! In times like these/ right now I just can't stop thinking about buying clothes...
Here are some of my latest cravings:
(Open link by clicking on the picture)
First of all I want to show you a dungaree dress from

Image 1 of ASOS Mini Dungaree Dress In Optic Print

Love at first sight, right?!
Well, wait until you see this waistcoat:
Image 1 of ASOS Waistcoat With Exaggerated Drape In Mixed Spot

Gooooorgeous, right?!
And what about this double layered dress? 

Image 1 of Lipsy 2 in 1 Lace Cami Layered Dress

I just GOT to have it!
And to solve my layer problem from like every winter ago:

Image 1 of ASOS Vest With Double Layer And Contrast Straps

A double layered vest :D

And now some beauties from As their sweatshirts are in sale, I really had to take a look. This one has like the cutest elephant ever:

Grey Long Sleeve Elephant Print Sweatshirt

I mean, argh, wanna buy right now!
And this one has rhinestones on its sleeves: 

Light Grey Long Sleeve Rhinestone Pullover Sweatshirt

And this gorgeousness is hooded! And cute! And pink!
Pink Hooded Long Sleeve Pockets Sweatshirt
Big "I want this right nowwww" - feeling, huh? Wait till you see their knitwear! :D

White Long Sleeve Pocket Loose Batwing Sweater
I mean; it has a pocket. I wouldn't be able to live without this one, I'm sure of that!

Pink Lapel Half Sleeve Crop Kint Sweater

*faints* It's pink. And so classy and simple! And so layer-proof. Gotta have it. 

White Long Sleeve Sequined Cross Kint Sweater

It's got sequins! And it's cross knit! O M G loveeee!!

Beige Rose Flowers Print Ripped Distressed Long Sleeve Jumper

Holy flowers, I'm in love! Wait too cute *-*

As you may have noticed I haven't spent a lot of time shopping online lately. Gosh, so many nice things, way too little money in my bank account... But that won't stop me from dreaming! :D

What do you think of my cravings? I might have a little overreacted while seeing some beauties, but hey, it's okay to go crazy for clothes every once in a while ;D


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  1. Haha, altijd tijdens de examens onlinewebshops afgaan doe ik !
    Dus ja examens = Shoppen
    leuke blog !
    x Jana

  2. haha tis hier vant zelfde :p
    maar dan wel bij h&m, asos, sacha en zara

  3. I seriously love ASOS a lot! They've got cool clothesss :) and oh! I have the same sweater on that last photo there :D

  4. Mooie items! Die trui met de olifant is cute :-)

  5. The elephant sweatshirt is so cute!

  6. If it was only the exams... haha i think in my case everything make me want more clothes, its a plague!!

  7. I got the Flower Sweatshirt and i love it so much! Lovely Blog, do you want to follow each other?

    Love Aline

  8. Allemaal erg leuk! Vooral die dungaree!

  9. cool selection!


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