Thursday, 5 December 2013

OOTD: Striped

This week was such an expensive week... Both the laptop and the mobile phone needed replacement, so in one week I gave out more than I've given out for clothes in the other 51 weeks. Damn, that hurts. Especially to my bank account... Luckily exams are on its way so I can no longer spending spare time at shops since I don't have any spare time left, há!
So I'm gonna show you things that have been laying in my closet for a long time, for example these clothes:
Clohtes & Dreams: OOTD: No more shopping sprees for me: outfit
Yesterday I wore this comfy longsleeved top from H&M, paired with a dark dark dark blue pants (used to be black, but shhhht) and my black boots which I have been wearing non stop since last week. They're so peeeerfect! Perfect height, perfect heel, perfect black, perfectness all over! :D Oh, and extreme love for the white patches at the shoulders! :D

Clohtes & Dreams: OOTD: No more shopping sprees for me: top outfit

I paired it with my Daniel Wellington watch, an I Am bracelet and an I Am ring. 

Clohtes & Dreams: OOTD: No more shopping sprees for me: jewelry

Addicted to I Am? Well, just a little. (a)  Especially now I've found out that they actually have loyalty cards (love!). Unfortunately you only get a sticker if you spend ten euro so I'm planning on staying away from the shop for a while (for example because of the exams and because of the laptop and mobile phone spending) and when I'll be entering again I'll see several awesome things and I'll be able to spend ten euro. I'm willing to do everything a lot to get that 30% off haha!

Clohtes & Dreams: OOTD: No more shopping sprees for me: outfit collage for Lookbook

Have a great day!

xo Noor

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  1. LOVE stripes!! :)


  2. Dat horloge is echt prachtig! Ik heb ook een horloge op mijn wishlist staan, dus ik ga er zeker eens voor kijken! ;)

    M. - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

    1. Dank je! :D Het past echt bij allessss! :D

  3. Lovely outfit, love your top!... Which reminds me, I need to replace my laptop too.

    Have a nice weekend!


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