Monday, 24 June 2013


Discovering new things is always fun. Especially when it can make you earn clothes or gift cards. Got curious? Then read on! I've got something really cool to show you :D

Sunday, 16 June 2013

OOTD: Study break

I hate exams. I don't like the social suicide I have to commit while studying, I hate to be inside for days in a row, I hate that I sometimes spend a whole day without speaking and I hate all of my sweatpants because I have been wearing one at least five days a week.
I'm sorry, but I just wanted to tell anyone all this.
Good thing is: whenever I've washed my hair and don't spend a day studying inside, I dress up. And this is exactly what happened last Wednesday.

Friday, 14 June 2013

My new precious

For some nine months I have been craving for something. Like, really really wanting something really bad. But I am kind of really stingy when it comes to clothes. I can see something really beautiful in a shop, but doubt for a full hour if I would buy it or not. Even if it only costs 10 euros or something, I'm just doubting if it would be worth the money.
So that is the reason I haven't been buying a particular item for a very long time. But ten days ago I received a newsletter from AX Paris that said that I could get a 20% discount on the brand. I just couldn't stop myself from checking out the web shop, but in the end I still doubted for a full week, until the last day of the discount arrived. And then it was quite easy: I picked the item, dropped it in my basket and paid. Well, that went smooth!
Last Tuesday I went home because I had had an exam and my next would be in only eight days, and the next day the door bell rang. I just couldn't believe that I had placed an order on Saturday and on Wednesday my package was already there! :D
Want to know what was inside my package? :D

Monday, 10 June 2013

Explanation for the lack of hairstyle tutorials

This blog is about fashion, nail art, dreams and .. hairstyles. A follower of my blog may have noticed that there are not that much hair style tutorials on my blog. Well, in case you did notice this: that's completely true. There's only one, so to say that my blog is about hairstyles would be kind of unfair, but I do have a good reason to call this blog a blog about hairstyles, but why that part is kind of lacking right now.

Friday, 7 June 2013

I am shoplog.

Three weeks ago I had two hours free in between classes and as a friend of mine had to go to the shopping street to search for a book, I went with her to check out some other shops. I only bought one little thing, but I am sooo happy with it! :D

Monday, 3 June 2013

Exams make me crave for watches

As I'm having exams right now (just finished number two, four more to go!), I have cursed myself a lot for not having a watch: every single exam I've had till now I had some slight panic attacks because I did not know what time it was. One little girl going crazy, that's right! And that is why I have been thinking about watches a LOT lately!
These are my favourites:

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Quick notice about my dreams of June

Because I am having exams right now, I have to focus on those and I cannot concentrate on trying to complete a goal. That is why I won't be setting dreams for this month. 
But do feel free to put your goals in the comments, because I can always use some fresh inspiration :D


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My dreams of May, how did these actually end?

#dreams #goals #lbloggers

May has been quite a busy month. I've had a lot of things to do for school besides preparing for exams, so I kind of forgot about my goals. *feeling ashamed*. Here is a recap for May, in a way to remind myself of my failed goals and to try to find more motivation.